Reckless Road


Pop Culture Book of the Year

By Marc Canter, with Jason Porath

Reckless Road offers unprecedented access to hundreds of previously unreleased images and narrates Guns N’ Roses rise to stardom by the original band members and the people who were closest to them. Authentic gig memorabilia, including show flyers, ticket stubs, set lists, press clippings and hand-written song lyrics round out this award-winning collection. 


“The best rock n’ roll book I’ve ever seen.”



Metal Underground


"The book is dripping with information for die-hard fans. This is a documentary on paper of a band at the top of their game the year they put out one of the greatest rock records of all time. The book is littered with tidbits of information throughout; it’s the little nuggets that make turning each page exciting, not knowing what is next. A must have for any die-hard Guns N’ Roses fan."



Steve Rosen,

"It is a beautiful book, and there are photos here that you've never seen before. An oral narrative with the various band members connects all the pictures to deliver an insider's view of the early days of the band and its rise to fame and infamy with the release of their debut album, Appetite For Destruction. In addition to copious amounts of interview material with the band, the book includes dialogue from producers, A&R record company people, and musician acquaintances."



Maureen Vana, NBC

"Photographer and long time friend of the band Marc Canter takes readers on a 348 page journey into the roots of one of the most explosive bands to grace the Sunset Strip. Through ticket stubs, candid photos, sketches, set lists, and much more Reckless grants an exclusive backstage pass to witness the birth of rock and roll success. Reckless Road has something to appeal to anyone with a love for Guns N’ Roses, a love for music, a love for photography, or just a love of a good documentary."


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